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Cascade Longue Earrings Silver/Orange

1.480,00 €

Colonne II Chain Necklace Gold/Khaki

790,00 €

Puce Earrings Gold/Khaki

420,00 €

Logo Brooch Silver/Khaki

420,00 €

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CREEE in France in 2023, the Labyrinth House is a jewelry ready-at-a-port brand which draws its energy from the excitement of Parisian fashion shows. Labyrinth is the expression of a passionate craftsmanship offering season after season of parts signature for the Singulian and affirmed gaits.

Versailles Fragments

Chevalière Joa Ring Silver/Khaki

420,00 €

Colonne Chain Bracelet Gold/Khaki

480,00 €

Cascade Courte Earrings Gold/Khaki

780,00 €

Jardin Brooch Gold/Khaki

520,00 €

Chevalière Joa Ring Gold/Khaki

420,00 €

Colonne II Earrings Gold/Khaki

580,00 €

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