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Cascade Longue Earrings Silver/Orange

1.480,00 €

Colonne II Chain Necklace Gold/Khaki

790,00 €

Puce Earrings Gold/Khaki

420,00 €

Logo Brooch Silver/Khaki

420,00 €

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Established in France in 2023, LABYRINTHE is a ready-to-wear jewelry and accessory-pieces brand. We draw our inspiration from
the frenzyness of fashion shows. LABYRINTHE is the embodiment of passionate craftsmanship, offering season after seasons ignature pieces for unique and assertive styles.

Versailles Fragments

Chevalière Joa Ring Silver/Khaki

420,00 €

Colonne Chain Bracelet Gold/Khaki

480,00 €

Cascade Courte Earrings Gold/Khaki

780,00 €

Jardin Brooch Gold/Khaki

520,00 €

Chevalière Joa Ring Gold/Khaki

420,00 €

Colonne II Earrings Gold/Khaki

580,00 €

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